International Franchising

Your path to success

We offer franchise licenses for most countries all over the world. Have we caught your interest? Would you like to build a lucrative business in an attractive country with backWERK?
Do you prefer self-employment to dependence?

Seven steps to become our international franchise partner.

  • Online information and registration
  • First contact & info package
  • First conversation (face-to-face or telephone)
  • Signing of non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  • Exchange of detailed information
  • Second conversation at backWERK headquarters
  • Signing of contract & business development

About our Business

backWERK is the German company that has over 10 years grown to 300 stores across Germany, Switzerland, Austria, The Netherlands, Slowenia and the UK. We are very proud to introduce you to this really different, sophisticated and dynamic self-service bakery business.

Who are we?

We have a wealth of experience in retailing, buying, marketing, franchising and business development. We want to develop businesses with like-minded entrepreneurs who have a passion for food retailing and want to be part of a growing brand that has huge potential. Customers appreciate great deals and great products, especially during the current economic climate and we believe that we have the products, the locations and the system that will take your business aspirations to places you’ve never dreamed of!

Over to you!

Whether you own a business and want to expand your portfolio or you have simply had enough of where you are and genuinely have a desire to realise your dreams then we have the business that can deliver. So release the Entrepreneur in you now by completing the Franchise Contact Form!